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Iot that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the the internet


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Antenna InstalLation

Router & Antenna

Our Representative will install the router and antenna at your location.

Roof Installation

Evaluation for outdoor antenna instalation

Wall Installation

Proper instation to wall if required

Window Installation

High location might qualify for installation at your window

Small Antenna 35"

Elegant design mesurement 1″ x 35″

Free Instalation

No additional cost


Get Paid for Iot Antenna

Get paid by instaling apps mars antenna at your location or a new qr code app!

Vehicle Safety

Increase drivers’ response time through enhanced vehicle communication.


verify locationFree Antenna


Real-time location monitoring of the fleet

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Family Safety

Family member tracking solution for a child or orderly person with a desease like Alzheimer’s disease

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Pets Tracking

Keeps owners track of their furry friends

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Cargo Tracking

Weight/Volume tracking of cargo that the fleet is carrying

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Drone Tracking

For shipping companies and government drone location

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Fire Tracking

Get alerts for fires, floods and gas 

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Scooter Tracking

Track your scooter fleet 

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Transportation Tracking

Public safety transportation monitoring and driver behavior


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Applications in farming such as collecting data on temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed, pest infestation, and soil content


verify locationFree Antenna

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